Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm too busy!!!


Everyday as I wake up at dawn
My mind starts working the moment I yawn
There were many things to do, o dear!
That’s why I hastily did my Subuh prayer
I didn’t have time to sit longer to praise the Lord
To me rushing out after prayer is nothing odd….
Since school, I had been busy every minute
Completing my tutorials and handing it in
My ECAs took up most of my time always
No time did I have to Allah to pray
Too many things to do and zikir is rare
For Allah, I really had no time to spare…
When I grew up and started my career
Working all day to secure my future
When I reached home, I preferred to have fun
I chatted on the phone but I didn’t read the Quran
I spent too much time surfing the internet
Sad to say, my faith was falling flat…
The only time I have left is weekends
During which I prefer window shopping with friends
I couldn’t spare time to go to the mosque
I’m too busy, that’s the BIG EXCUSE…
I did my five prayers but did so quickly
After prayer, I didn’t sit longer to reflect quietly
I didn’t have time to help the needy ones
I was loaded with work as my precious time runs
No time at all to visit a sick Muslim friend
To orphans and elderly, I hardly lent a hand
I’m too busy to do community service
When there were gatherings, I helped the least
My life is already full of stress
So I didn’t counsel a Muslim in distress
I didn’t spend much time with my family
Because I thought, doing so is a waste of time…
No time to share with non-muslim about Islam
Even though I know, inviting causes no harm
No time to do Sunnah prayers at all
All these contribute to my imaan’s fall
I’m busy here and busy there
I’ve no time at all, that’s all I care
I went for religious lessons, just once in a while
‘Coz I’m too busy making a pile…
I worked all day and I slept all night
Too tired for Tahajjud and it seemed not right
To me, earning a living was already tough
So I only did basic deeds but that’s not enough…
No time at all to admire God’s creation
No time to praise Allah and seek His Compassion
Although I know how short is my life
For Islam I really didn’t strive…
Finally the day comes, when the Lord calls for me
And I stood before Him with my Life’s History
I feel so guilty because I could have prayed more
Isn’t that what a Muslim lives for?
To thank Allah and do more good deeds
And the Quran is for us all to read…
Now at Judgement Day, I’m starting to fret
I’ve wasted my life but it’s too late to regret
My entry to Paradise depends on my good behaviour
But I’ve not done enough nor did proper prayer
My “good deed book” is given from my right
An angel opened my “book” and read out my plight
Then the angel chided me…
“ O You Muslim servant, you are the one,
Who is given enough time, yet not much is done
Do you know that your faith is loose?
Saying “no time” is only an excuse
Your “good deed book” should be filled up more
With all the good work you stood up for…
Hence, I only recorded those little good deeds
As I say this, I know your eyes will mist…
I was about to write some more, you see
But I did not have, THE TIME to list……
thanks k anis=)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why do I Want to Fly?


Canada...this is where i will be studying by sept 2010 if Allah bless me to go there....amin~
Sounds cool rite??(huhu...riak plak)
But cool, fun, enjoyment are not the only issues.....
The actual issue that i'm pondering is why do i want to fly?

Sky High 2009 that i attended on last Saturday managed to open my eyes to see that there are other important reasons for me to fly rather than just to experience the SNOW which we don't experience in m'sia. It sounds silly...but this was once what i and most of us thought of if we are able to fly.(sort of....)

We want the popularity studying abroad, we want to experience the 4 seasons (winter, summer, fall, spring), we want to see our photos n hari raya greetings published on the newspapers each year....are that the only reasons that make me eager to fly??

Ustaz Hasrizal said :

" Why do you want to fly? why do you prefer studying abroad while m'sia can offer you every courses that you want to do? why?why?

Are you willing to let your parents esp your mom crying for you for years?Do their sacrifices
worth it? "

Let us answer this question together.
After joining this program, these are my answers :

# i want to fly because i want to challege and strengthen my faith to Allah. ustaz said u can't survive with 'islam warisan' but u can survive with 'islam pilihan'.

# i want to fly because i want to grab the opportunities to learn at one of the best uni for geology in canada which is university of toronto (but uni doesn't totally determine our excellance, but our attitude)

# i want to fly because i want to become a mukminah professional, a geologist insyallah who can contribute to the ummah

# i want to prove to myself and the world that islam is the best way of life and muslim can also succeed and i don't want them to look down on us anymore

# i want to fly because i hope by being away from my muslim community that i will appreciate n understand my deen more (because when we study abroad, people will always question our faith)

Ya Allah, if 'flying' is the best for me, make it true Ya Allah....
Give me strength and patience in going through the obstacles on my way there....
if it's not the best for me, make me redha with your faith and continue living as your faithful servant.

Btw, here are some of the pearls that i got while diving in Sky High 2009(hehe...)

# whenever we have problem in life, always go back to basic, Allah our CREATOR then we will find answers and solutions

# where are we from? : alam roh (alam where we are very close to Allah), alam rahim (alam full of love)
why we are here? : to serve Allah ( " I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me " 51:56)
where are going after this? : alam barzakh-alam mahsyar-heaven or hell (our eternal world)

# it is a fitrah for human kind to love being close to Allah since we were close to Him in alam roh, if we choose to go far from Allah we are the ones who are going to suffer and this will never affect Allah.

# excellance is more about our attitude than other factors such as knowledge, skills, and environment

# it's hard to change our attitude, but we can only succeed if we force ourselves to change it, not just giving excuses all the time.
" Verily never will Allah change the condition of people until they change it themselves (with their own souls ) " 13:11

# specially for me, if you want to succeed you need to learn how to control your emotion ( jgn cepat melatah if anything happens)

# be proactive not reactive or inactive
proactive: always try to find the best solution
reactive : never accept his/her mistakes, keep blaming others
easily affected by environment
low ability in controlling him/herself
inactive : no respond

Alhamdulillah....Allah gave me the chance to attend this meaningful program, thank you Ustaz Hasrizal for giving, brothers and sisters for sharing, committees for organising.
May Allah bless you=)


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Abah....sabar ye=)


Pg semalam dlm kul 10 dpt call dr mak.....
terkejut jugak mula2.....coz x pnh lak mak call pg2 y msh mamai angktla phone2.....(niela akibatnye klu tertdo lps subuh..huhu~)

" Assalamualaikum, mak....npe tepon pg2 nie...ade pape kew? "

" Waalaikumussalam, bru bgon tdow kew? "

" Aah...hehe..."

" erm...mak cume nk bg taw liza....ade org bakar kereta abah "

" Astaghfirullahal azim....btol kew nie mak?spe y bkr? "

" 2la....sian abh kamu...x abis2 org2 nk dengki n die "

Aq terkejut sgt ble dgr berita nie.....terbayang muke abah y bru nek dr sungai.... penat2..tgok2 kereta dah hangus dibakar org....sian abah...sbar ye abh=)
Ini bukan kali pertama org2 ingin mendajal abah memang sabar orgnyer....abh selalu ckp cm nie...

" biarlah org nk dengki kt kita, jgn kite lak dengki n org "

Mule2 die tebuk boat abh y diletakkan di tepi sungai....ps2 die pancitkn tayar kereta.....x cukup lg die pecahkn cermin depan kereta abah.....smpi abh drive home tnpa windscreen...nsib baik x hujan tndakan org2 kli nie mmg dah melampau....DIE BAKAR KERETA ABAH....kereta y byk berbakti pd kami sekeluarga...kereta y abh bwk ke sungai n ke pasar2 utk berniaga.....smpi hati org2 buat abah cmnie.....

Ya Allah...ampunkanlah org2....hilangkn perasaan dengki die terhadap abah...jgnlah die ape2 kn abh lg selepas nie.....

npe org nie dengki sgt ye??
die x senang ble org len senang...die jeles ble abah selalu dapat byk ikan.....sebab abah mmg pakar bab2 nk tangkap ikan nie....
klu kite x pndi....bertanye...belaja...
bknnyer buat dajal kt org cm2....
lg stu...nk dengki2 buat ape....sungai2 milik Allah....
bukannye die sorang y punye...klu lah aq dpt ckp mcm nie kt org2 kn besh....hehe..(sowy2...emotional plak)

Sian abah....terpakse kumpul duit lg utk beli stu lg kereta....bukan senang taw.....buat mase nie abh gune van y bru di renovate utk ke sungai dan ke pasar....lg pown i2la stu2 nyer transport y kami ade buat mase nie selepas abh accident kreta hri2.....
moto pown ade gak kt umh...alhamdulillah~

Liza bedoa semoga Allah melindungi abah di mana saja die berada.....esp mse d sungai...jgnlah org2 buat ape2 lg....semoga polis dpt tangkap org2 secepat mungkin....walaupown agk sukar kerana tiada bukti nk dakwa liza percaya ade hikmah di sebalik semua nie....percaya dgn pasti=)

~Suara seorang anak nelayan~