Tuesday, September 15, 2009

yeAy!!! RaYA DAtaNg LAgi:D


Time flies so fast.

Hari Raya is coming soon.

May Allah gives us the chance to feel it once again this year.

This is my 19th Hari Raya.

This year, I don't want it to be like my previous ones.

I want to celebrate it meaningfully this year, not meaninglessly as before.

Now I realized that Hari Raya is not just about DUIT RAYA, BAJU RAYA, KUIH RAYA & PERABOT RAYA.

It has more to give us. Not just the fun but the values too.


It is celebrated every year. But, do we know why we are celebrating it?


What does it have to do with fitrah?
Lol, what does it mean?

It means....

We are celebrating it for our success in returning ourselves to our fitrah.


Yes, fitrah. Our pure fitrah.

Even more confused, lol.

Wait, i'll explain more.

Do you know that Allah created us with fitrah?

To love Allah is a fitrah.
To obey Allah is a fitrah.
To love good deeds is a fitrah.

To love other things more than Allah is not a fitrah.
To disobey Allah is not a fitrah.
To do what Allah forbids is not a fitrah.
To take Allah's gift for granted without syukur is not a fitrah.

So, what??
Ramadhan that we've been going through for 30 days is a training provided by Allah to return us to our fitrah.
Don't you realize that we are far away from it now?
So many things that we did which go against our own fitrah.
For Allah so loves us, He gives us Ramadhan to purify ourselves.
Nikmat mana lg yang mahu kau dustakan??

Ramadhan purifies us? How's that?

Yea la. For one month, we fast from dawn till sunset by not eating and drinking and abstaining ourselves from doing things that can make our fast invalid or reduce its bless.

Hunger during the day teaches us to appreciate food more.

If before this we live to eat, then we learn that actually we eat to live.

Here, Islam is teaching us to eat what we need not what we want.

From hunger, we know how do the poor people feel when they have nothing to eat for the whole day.

Hunger is a good thing too.

A wise man once said, " jika laparlah perutmu, maka kenyanglah akalmu, hatimu, tanganmu, kakimu dan seluruh anggotamu ".
It means that hunger can initiate progress for our brain, purify our heart and abstain us from doing bad things or it simply means it trains our nafs to follow Allah's rule.
I know you might say hunger can make people do crime like stealing for food.

Here, we, muslims are different.
We stand hunger in Ramadhan for Allah's sake.

And we are not fasting because there is no food to eat, but it's because Allah tells us to do so.

How powerful is that, when you have food to eat, but you choose not to because of Allah.

So, we muslims should use this same skill to abstain ourselves from what Allah forbids us to do.

We choose to cover our aurat when others uncover their's.
We choose to pray 5 times a day when others don't.
We choose to be firm with our Islamic Identity/Fikrah while others don't for whatsoever reasons.
We choose not to go for prompt, party and clubbing though people think we are outdated.

Brothers and sisters, here Ramadhan is teaching us that:

Hope all of us can accept this=)

Then, Ramadhan purifies us through the ibadah that we do throughout this month.

For every ibadah that we do, Allah promises us with great rewards and forgiveness.

-train us to wake up early in the morning while other people are still snoring on their bed
-give us innerpeace through communication with Allah, here we tell Allah what we feel, the problem that we have and the sins that we commit.
-make us realize that Allah is always there for us, we just need to pray to Him and put all our hopes on Him.
-i start to love it=)

-i just realized how wonderful is our Quran, it is a love letter from Allah, Allah is talking to you & me
-give me innerpeace too and always consult me when i'm down
-guide me on how should i lead my life since i always get confused by this world
-from now on, we should make this Quran our best friend and teacher

-for me personally it teaches me to watch on my time so that it is spent for doing things which have value for Allah
-because normally after maghrib prayer, i used to 'lepak' and end up doing nothing
-teach me the value of patience in doing ibadah

-now i agree that only by remembering Allah that we find peace
-when we always remember Allah and always put Allah first, there is less chance for us to commit sins
-don believe me?try it k=)

Brothers and sisters,
this is basically how Ramadhan purifies us and return us to our fitrah which is LOVE TO BE CLOSE TO ALLAH AND LOVE TO OBEY ALLAH.
May the effects of Ramadhan stay in us throughout the year until we meet it again next year.
Let us celebrate Hari Raya with full of syukur to Allah and don't ruin it by doing nonsense.
Feel it with your hearts, how nice, how peace, how pure for us to return to our FITRAH.

SeLaMat HarI RayA,

Maaf Zahir & Batin.


Thursday, September 10, 2009



Alhamdulillah, AS Trial is over.
But, I'm not satisfied with it. My effort, i mean.
I can feel that I'm not going to score this time too.
It's ok. No use if i were to regret now.
Be serious liza. This is about your future.
This is your last chance to prove your capabilities.
I know you are trying hard, but you just not done enough.
Work harder & smarter.

Plus, it's just 3 subjects for you to sit.
Maths, Physics, & Chemistry.
You can do it. Believe me=)
You just need to focus on them. Love them.
Ilmu Allah, never finish to be learned but learning them will make us know Him more.

No more wasting time.
You have a mission!!!
A very important one.
Don't you??

Holidays just started.
It's about 2 weeks.
12-27 of September.
But for me it's not even 2 weeks.
Some more, I need to come back 2 days earlier 4 SAT classes.
No more weekends after this.
Ermm, it's ok dear. For your own good:D

I'm praying hard that I can use these holidays to the max.
Need study plan. Should get one=)
Must finish revision for the 3 subjects.
Must do past years.
InsyAllah, I'll try my best.
Ya Allah, permudahkan segala urusanku.
Tetapkan hatiku dgn awlawiyatku=)

Liza, dear.
Exam2 jugak.
But, don't forget, Ramadhan is leaving us soon!!!
Continue in searching Allah's forgiveness & bless.
Pray to Him. He knows you best. He always gives you the best.
Know who you are to Him. You are His slave. Full time slave.
May this Ramadhan be the turning point of my life.
I'm working to be a true muslimah.


Friday, September 4, 2009

My dear SISTERS, let join us=)


Alhamdulillah, now we reach the middle of Ramadhan and soon it will leave us.

Well done, to all of you who had fill the 1st half of Ramadhan with ibadah and self-improvements. May Allah bless all of you. Ameen~

Now, we have about 16 days to go!!!

Let us use this remaining days to do more ibadah which will bring us closer to Allah and make us a better muslim. It's never too late, brothers and sisters=)

To all my dearest SISTERS in Taylors',

We have something for you=)
Not just a normal iftar.
We have games & sharing sessions too!!!
Come & join us.
You will feel the difference.hehe=P
p/s: it's free and transport will be provided. so, don't worry k=)
any inquiries plz contact us.

I'll Always be a Learner=)


Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah The Most Merciful.
All the sorrow that i know melted away. Then a heroin in me comes along with the strength to carry on. InsyAllah=)

Now, I'm walking to a NEW WORLD. As a NEW COMER , I should be humble (know who am I) and willing to learn from others. I should take this opportunity to learn the skills needed to live in this NEW WORLD. I think I have the spirit and ideas but they have the knowledge and experience. So, why not we help each other instead of pointing out others' weaknesses.
Be patient, dear. It's normal. Don't let the differences between us divides us, but let it makes us unique. Differences are there to give us the colours of this NEW WORLD.

" i'm a NEW COMER. forget me plz for my conducts. plz correct me if i'm wrong. i just get 2 know all these things, so kind of excited. i'm willing to learn from you all. i'll always be a learner. insyAllah. "


Now, I'm getting myself clearer of the PURPOSE OF MY LIFE.
Alhamdulillah, now, all the jahilliyah thoughts hardly come and I'm able to get rid most of the useless fears and worries in me.
I'm no longer mourning and regretting my past.
I'm a new person. Though it's hard for me to change these parts of me.
I'm trying to be realistic.
I question less and listen more.
I do question more but for necessary things only.


My dreams are sky high.
I know it's possible.
It's a choice.
Choose to be or not to be.
Allah will never change the fate of a person, until the person herself makes efforts to change it.


Make ISLAM stands in YOU, then only YOU stands for ISLAM.
Don't take the MUSLIM title for granted.
There must be reasons why Allah loves MUSLIM so much not the KUFR.
Do you deserve that love??