Friday, November 5, 2010

This is my life for now

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. has been quite a long time since i last wrote here. I did get myself online almost everyday but I was just too lazy to update this blog of mine. hehehe;)

Alhamdulillah, now i'm less depress.
Maybe, it is because i'm surrounded by people who love and care about me and the best thing about it is i'm free to be who i wanna be.
Thank you very much people for making my days since i dropped out college.

Yeah, slowly i kind of accepting and enjoying my life now though i am stranded in this small town while all my friends are in college struggling to obtain their degree. To be honest, i envy you guys but i believe that i'm gonna be there soon too. very soon;) ameen~

If you are curious of what i'm doing now, here i am to update you.
I'm not studying anywhere right now and i'm not working though.
So, what am i doing?hehehe
Most of the days, I help my dad with his small business, selling fresh water fish at the market.
Normally, we will leave home around 6.30 am and we will be back by 12 noon.
The best part of it, i love to see how the day starts with the sunrise accompanying us when we leave home and seeing people starts their work early in the morning.
I adore early persons like those farmers and fishmongers very much cause i'm trying very hard to be one of them. hahaha~
Abah gives me 'upah' too and he never being so stingy if i were to buy anything such as newspapers, magazines etc.
I love this job=)

In the evening, it's the time to get fit and healthy.
I just started my losing weight plan by eating right and working out daily.
We'll see how it goes k;)
What i do?
Firstly, i really wanna Thank God cause I'm blessed with wonderful sisters.
We rock!!!!hehehe~
Girls, you are my sunshine=)
Ema, Nina, Adek and Dila, I LOVE YOU!
Now, working out is no longer a problem cause we have each other to remind ourselves to do it everyday.
It's either jogging, walking, playing badminton and even dancing.
Can't go this far without you girls=)
Let's keep it up and WE'LL SEE THE RESULT SOON!

Nights are spent for rest, thinking and having time with family.
No more staying up late cause i'm too tired to do so.

Now, i'm content with my life.
i accept it just the way as it is fated.
But one thing,
Ya Allah, please get me back to college life very soon.
I want to study! I want to earn a degree too!!
Learning something that I love.
InshAllah, everything is gonna be fine.
I'll make it. I'm being optimist towards You=)

people, do pray for me yea. Thanks=)
Hope you people are content with your life too.
Love it just the way it is;)