Wednesday, October 6, 2010

There's nothing left


Have you been in a situation where you are walking around without any direction in your mind?
Some people call it to be a zombie in this real world.
Yes, i've been there.
it was horrible and sickening!!!

for everything that has happened in my life, there's nobody to be blamed.
neither me myself, him, environment, family or God!
it's just fated that way.
i have to accept it as part of my life wholeheartedly with no regret or killing guilt.
is that really guilt or ignorance?

i need space people.
i need a breeze of fresh air.
and actually i do have one, but it's just me who refuse to embrace myself in my new life.
why not dear??
there's nothing left there!
no point of holding on!
why not??


  1. be strong syg.
    i feel sorry sebab tak ada untuk dengar masalah kau.
    tapi kau selalu consult aitidal kan? :)
    baguslah. jangan simpan sorang.

    true that liza tak boleh blame sape2 pun.
    tp kne redha k.gunakan peluang yg ada sebaik-baiknya.


  2. thanks raihan;)

    u2 take care!
    plz pray me yea=)