Friday, September 24, 2010

Love should not bring you down


Love. Something that each and every one of us looks for in our life.
What is love actually?
Honestly, I can't tell.

I'm hurt when I realize how love brings me to endless desperation.
Maybe it's not love.
Love should not bring you down right?
In fact, it's the one who should make you get STRONGER in every move that you make.
If it's love, it's gonna make you value and love yourself even more not slowly and silently sabotaging your self-esteem.

It's over for me.
I had enough of it.
I'm not going to look for it anymore and maybe this time i should just let it find me.
I believe, someday he'll come.
He will make me recognize myself again.
He likes me just the way i am.
His love is to give and take, share, learn and work together.
I will wait for you love!!
I know someday you'll be here, here in my heat=)

Life is your life.
That means you should value every single second of it.
Life is all about making decisions.
One decision leads to another chapter of your life.
Yes, we do make wrong decisions every time which lead us to a chapter that you never wish to be there.
But, once you decide, there's no turning back!
All you can do is move on and live with the choice that you make.

But one thing that is good about life is we are allowed to make wrong decisions.
But, with conditions.
1st, you should learn from the wrong ones so that you make the right ones more next time!
Second, no regrets of the past!
Third, never expect to make right decisions all the time!
Last, don't stop learning and improving!

Love and life,
are part of me,
how I wish they treat me better next time,
I should not just wish, let's do!

Quotable quote of the day:

"Disappointment, defeat, and even apparent failure are in no way permanent conditions unless we choose to make them so"


Have a blessed day peeps;)

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  1. teringat poem time skolah dulu...
    "the road not taken..."